Rowaida Al Khulaidi

Training and Regional Events - 2018
Currently the British Council’s Country Manager in Yemen, Rowaida leads the operation in the country at one of its most difficult times, building relationships and engaging with networks of Yemenis.
Prior to her current post, and as a Project Manager, Rowaida led on the planning, development and delivery of various successful Arts projects and events to build the capacity of Yemeni artists and cultural organizations connecting them to regional and international networks through traditional and creative platforms and encouraging and contributing local cultural institutions and individual to use the web to reach audiences. In addition to Arts, she led on youth and women programs encouraging the use of arts as a mean of social development.
Currently living in Yemen, Rowaida’s passion in the arts and social development has led to the establishment and continuity of successful life changing projects that benefit Yemeni artists, youth and women alike and cultivating art at times of conflict to share untold stories and show Yemen that most people do not know, in contrast to the one appearing in news headlines.