Hamdi Makhlouf

Music - 2018
Hamdi Makhlouf is a Tunisian musician, composer, lutenist and singer. He holds a PhD in music and musicology from Sorbonne University. He is a lecturer at the Higher Institute of Music (ISM) at the University of Tunis and was the director of the JMC (Carthage Music Days) from 2015 to 2017. He lived in Paris from 2003 to 2010, where he discovered a great musical diversity that enabled him to study ethnic music and to be influenced by many genres and styles. He has also performed in many international concerts and has long worked with various artists from several countries. He recorded his single, "Nocturnal Pages", at EMI Music which was released in 2008. He was also invited by the artist Gad El-Maleh to record the oud parts of the music of his film “Coco”.  Moreover, he has recorded many albums of musicians from Tunisia, France, Hungary and others. Makhlouf released an experimental style album “7 + 1” with the American artist Kevin Blechdom. This music was played and remixed by many musicians from different countries. He participated in a number of conferences about musical and cultural issues and coordinated the publication of some scientific books. Several of his works were published in France, Lebanon and Tunisia.