Jessica Murray
United States

The Arab Documentary Photography Program - 2024
Jessica Murray is the director of the Spanish cultural association Al-liquindoi.  An experienced producer, Jessica specializes in documentary photography and other forms of visual storytelling. Over the years she has collaborated with institutions like Open Society Foundations, Magnum Foundation, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, and Prince Claus Fund, successfully designing and managing several ground-breaking photography education programs, including the Arab Documentary photography Program (ADPP), now into its tenth year.  Jessica has also researched, developed, and produced a number of content-driven projects which include the Crónica21 Archive, an on-line multidisciplinary archive about the 2008 economic, political and social crisis in Spain;  Europa: An Illustrated Introduction to Europe for Migrants and Refugees, a guidebook in Arabic, Farsi, French, and English, produced in 2017 and distributed for free to new arrivals; and Un Regalo para Kushbu: Historias que Cruzan Fronteras, a comic book about migration to Spain based on real life stories, published by Astiberri.