Widad Mjama

Music - 2023
Widad Mjama is one of Morocco's first female rappers. She figures among the Moroccan underground scene alongside the great figures of Hip Hop culture. In parallel with her higher education in France, she immersed herself in African percussion and the mystical world of the West African griots. After obtaining a Masters degree in project engineering, she took a position with the German development cooperation agency, working on gender mainstreaming in public policy.
She is the co-founder of the rap collective N3rdistan with Walid Ben Selim. Together, they travel the world, sharing their universe and their love of poetry. A lover of the spoken word, she has been invited to several literary and academic events focusing on poetry and women — including at the Dutch platform Read My World, Cambridge University and Writers Unlimited — giving new life to an ancestral oral tradition. Aita mon amour is the name of her new creation in collaboration with Khalil Epi. The project takes up the classics of Aita, a traditional, typically Moroccan musical genre. She has chosen the stage as a means of changing mentalities in the male-dominated world of music.