Mounzer Baalbaki

Performing Arts - 2022
Mounzer Baalbaki is a Lebanese artist who graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University in 2002 with a diploma in Theatrical Acting and Directing. Baalbaki played roles in several theatrical plays in Lebanon and abroad, including: Ikhraj Kaid Aa’ili [Family Civil Registry] by Lina Saneh (2000); “Lucy, La Femme Verticale” by Roger Assaf (2002); “Les Paravents” by Jean-Baptiste Sastre (2003); ”L’émigré de Brisbane” by Nabil Al-Azan (2004) ; “Life is Short Although the Day is Long” by Rabih Mroueh (2005); “Mes mains sont plus agees que moi” by Danya Hammoud (2014); and “Studies on the Movement of a Group” by Ghida Hachicho (2021). He also took part in many short and long movies, including: “Mounzer” by Samar Kanafani (Video Art, 2003); “Falafel” by Michel Kamoun (2004); “Beirut Express” by Houeida Azar (2010); “Carlos” by Olivier Assayas (2010); “Caramel” and “Where Do We Go Now” by Nadine Labaki” (2007 , 2011); “Stable Unstable” by Mahmoud Hojeij (2013), and “The Last Man” and ”The Valley” by Ghassan Salhab (2006, 2014).
Mounzer created his first solo performance entitled “Rapid Eye Movement” at Ashkal Alwan’s space in Beirut in December 2012. His latest performance entitled “As if Nothing” was presented at Ashkal Alwan's space in Beirut in May 2021.