Malek Gnaoui

Visual Arts - 2022
The work of Malek Gnaoui engages issues around social conditions and the notion of human sacrifice. Working across video, ceramics, printmaking, installation, sound and performance, his approach towards materiality enabled him to develop an alternative practice that combines everyday materials with traditional techniques, such as grinding bricks into powder which becomes lithography pigment,  he often introduces powdered brick to clay to produce sculptures with a specific quality. The physical involvement of production allows a performative aspect to emerge. Malek Gnaoui graduated from the L’Ecole d’Art et de Décoration in Tunis and trained at the ceramics center of Sidi Kacem Jlizi in Tunis, Tunisia. He has recently exhibited ambitious projects and exhibitions at Dom Museum, Vienna, Austria / Dream City, Tunis, Tunisia / Shubbak Festival, London, UK / Jaou, Tunis, Tunisia / Institute of Islamic Culture, Paris, France. Gnaoui’s work forms part of many prestigious collections of art including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK / The British Museum, London, UK, The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden in Marrakech, Morocco and The Kamel Lazaar Foundation, Tunis, Tunisia.