Othman Nejmeddine

Music - 2022

Originating from Morocco’s Taroudant, Othman Nejmeddine is a prolific and seasoned cultural manager. He has held several positions in the cultural sector and particularly in the music sector for the past 12 years.

Othman is the formerly deputy director of the professional market and festival Visa for Music. He was the production manager and coordinator of the Timitar Festival and the president of the Moroccan music export office, MoMEx. Othman was also director of Les Etoiles d'Agadir Cultural Center and the production manager of l'Anthologie de l'Aïta. Othman has accumulated a varied experience that is valuable to ensure the development of the project. Currently. Othman is an independent actor and advisor to several organizations, including the music department of UNESCO’s office in Morocco. He is also developing a consulting and production activity for institutional and independent cultural structures.