Neila Tazi

Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship - 2020
Neila Tazi is an expert in communication and public relations. Her company(A3 Groupe) has among its references the organization of high-level events on an institutional, business and cultural level. Neïla Tazi distinguished her self in 1998 by launching the first popular world music festival in Morocco called the Essaouira Gnaoua and World music festival. She founded the Yerma Gnaoua Association for safekeeping and promoting the ancient oral tradition of Gnaoua culture and managed to register this art on the list of the Oral and intangible heritage of Humanity in Unesco. Neïla Tazi is also the President of the Federation of Cultural and Creative Industries and a board member of the cultural Foundation l’Uzine in Casablanca. Neila is a board member of UBAF (Union des Banques Arabes et Françaises) and member of the Moroccan Parliament (Senator).