Nadir Bouhmouch

AFAC Documentary Program - 2021
Nadir Bouhmouch is a filmmaker, multi-disciplinary artist and cultural worker based in Marrakech. Nadir’s works include short films like “Timnadin N Rif” (2017) and “Paradises of the Earth” (2017), as well as “My Makhzen & Me” (2012), a medium-length documentary about Morocco’s February 20th uprising. Produced collectively by the villagers of Imider, his first feature film, “Amussu,” was shown at various festivals including HotDocs, IDFA and RIDM. Nadir is also the co-founder of AWAL, a cultural programme that trains researchers and artists in the audiovisual documentation of disappearing oral traditions in Moroccan rural areas. Besides his work in cinema, Nadir has published various photo essays and articles, including “Before the End of the World: Art and Ideology in Bled Siba” and “Amussu: Experiment for a Cinema from Below.” He is currently working on “A Work Song”, his first multi-disciplinary project about apple harvest workers and climate change in the High Atlas.