Fatema Loukili

Fatema Loukili’s first experiences involved writing dialogues for a TV movie called "The Last Page", directed in 1985 by Jilali Ferhati. She also worked on the documentation for a French film about jazzman Rendy Weston and the influence of Moroccan music such as Gnaoui and Jahjouka music. Her most important work in cinema however remains writing as a dialogue writer, co-screenwriter, scriptwriter and script doctor. She worked with Saad Chraibi, and has collaborated with other filmmakers/directors such as Jilali Ferhati, Lahsen Zinoun, Hakim Nouri, Abdelkrim Derkaoui and others. Louliki is currently presiding the Film Production Support Commission within the CCM – Centre Cinematographique Marocain.