Omar Fertat

Research on the Arts Program - 2018
Omar Fertat   is a theater researcher and a Faculty member and lecturer at Bordeaux-Montaigne University. He currently lectures on Arab cinema and theater in the Arab Studies department and the Performing Arts department. He also supervises the scientific program “L’Autre et ses représentations dans la culture arabo-musulmane” at the TELEM research center in the university. Several international conferences were organized as part of this program, in which numerous university researchers, writers and artists took part.

His research interests include modern literature and performing arts in the Arab world.

Omar Fertat manages the French theater magazine “Horizons/Théâtre”, which addresses world performing arts news and is issued twice a year. He also co-directs the collection “Monde Arabe/Monde Musulman”.

His latest publications include “L’Autre et ses représentations dans la culture arabo-musulmane” (2016), and “Le théâtre marocain à l’épreuve du texte étranger: traduction, adaptation nouvelle dramaturgie” (2018).