Karima Mansour

Performing Arts - 2020
Karima Mansour graduated with both a B.A and a Masters degree in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, London, England after having completed her B.A in Film from the High Institute of Cinema, Academy of Arts in Cairo, Egypt. Upon her return to Egypt she founded MAAT Dance Company in 1999, making it the first Independent dance company to be established in the country. Since then she has created over 25 full choreographic works that continue to be performed in various International festivals, as well as more than 20 various collaborations in Theatre and Film.
Karima has also formed MAAT for Contemporary Art which is an initiative that continues with the work MAAT has been busy with throughout the years of developing dance through choreographic works, organised workshops, including dance film screenings and discussions revolving around the topic of dance.
Karima Mansour has been a teacher for the Cairo Opera Dance Theatre Company In 98, an Assistant Professor at the Ballet Institute, Academy of Arts 1999 to 2000, Adjunct Professor of Dance, as part of PVA (Performance and Visual Arts Department) at The American University In Cairo (Fall of 2010). Current Founder & Artistic Director of the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, CCDC, operating under the umbrella of Maat for Contemporary Art.
Mansour was invited by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) to be the author of 'The International Dance Day message of 2019.'
Karima Mansour also continues to work as free-lance choreographer, performer and teacher nationally and internationally while creating, performing and developing her own choreographic work and language as an artist.