Alia Arasoughly

Cinema - 2007
"Filmmaker, Sociologist of Culture/Cinema, Researcher & Curator. Alia is the founder in 2005 and current Director General of Shashat Women Cinema, an independent women’s cinema NGO in Palestine, and is curator of its annual festival “Shashat’s Women Film Festival in Palestine.”  Shashat received the Palestinian Ministry of Culture “Award for Excellence in Cinema” in 2010, and Alia received “Outstanding Cultural Woman Leader Award” from the Ministry in 2012.  Alia also received the “Sulafah Jadallah Cinema Award” in 2013 for her contribution to women’s cinema in Palestine, and she was honored by the “Saleh International Women’s Film Festival” in 2008. Her directing credits include The Clothesline (2006) which was in the short film competition at Dubai International Film Festival in 2007, Ba`d As-Sama’ Al-Akhirah (After the Last Sky) (2007), Hay mish Eishi (This is not Living) (2001), screened in over 100 international film festivals and translated into 6 languages. She is currently working on a personal feature-length documentary, “Hammam Al-Basha.”