Ismail Nashef

Research on the Arts Program - 2018
Ismail Nashef is an Associate Professor at the Anthropology and Sociology program, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He held academic positions in different universities in the Arab World and beyond. In addition to his academic career, he is a literary and art critic, and curator. He has been part of different cultural and academic initiatives and projects in the academia and elsewhere.

His research focus is on materiality, language, and ideology. He explores these as they are expressed in literature and plastic art. His current research is on art and literature in the colonial contexts, with special attention to the Arab Islamic societies, generally, and the Palestinian one, particularly. 

His latest publications include: Arabic: A story of a colonial mask (2017); June’s Childhood: Dar al Fata al Arabi and the genres of tragedy (2016); Images of the Palestinian Death (2015); On Palestinian Abstraction: Zohdy Qadry and the Geometrical Melody of Late Modernism (2014).