Amjad Nasser

Literature - 2008
Poet, lyricist, cultural journalist and publisher, Nasser was born in Jordan in 1955 and resides in London since 1987 where he is managing editor and cultural editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi daily newspaper. He has published his first book of poems, Madeeḥ li Maqha Akhar  (In Praise of Another Café), at the age of 22, and has since published numerous works including nine volumes of poetry and 2 monographs, including Fee Adab Al-Ri7la (On The Literature of Travel). He has also performed poetry readings in many international festivals and is considered one of the most prominent poets of his generation. Jordanian television has recently produced a documentary about Nasser’s life as Arab journalist and poet. In 2013, Nasser published his latest book, Beirut Sagheera Bi ḥajm raḥat Yad, Yowmiyat min ḥisar ‘am 1982 (Beirut is Small, The Size of a Hand’s Palm; Memoirs of the 1982 Siege).