Said Murad

Music - 2010
Lebanese electric music composer. Born in 1968, he started his career as a DJ in 1989. He received recognition for his innovative remixes of classical Arabic songs and he released his first album 2001, entitled 2001 Nights. The album was a big seller at the time, and was named as The Best Selling Arabian Album in the history of Arabic music. The following year, Mrad gave the legendary Um Kulthum a fresh rebirth by introducing techno-driven mixes of her famous tunes, a revolutionary and not uncontroversial step. The up-beat re-interpretation of the queen of Tarab to dance club music was positively received worldwide, particularly in the international night-club scene, where Murad has been playing his music and DJ-ing in many famous clubs in Cyprus, Beirut, Sharm El Sheihk, Jordan, Dubai and Ibiza.