Irit Neidhart

Crossroads - 2011
A German-born producer and distributor dedicated to Middle Eastern cinema. She currently runs ‘mec film’ (middle eastern cinemas), a distribution company for films exclusively from the Middle East. She has worked as a dramaturgical consultant together with Sayed Kashua for the film Dancing Arabs and on the screenplay adaptation of his novel Let it Be Morning. Her theatrical catalogue also includes films like Rana’s Wedding by Hany Abu Assad and Atash (Thirst) by Tawfik Abu Wael. In World Cinema sales, mec film distributed Simon El Habre’s The One Man Village which Irit co-produced, and others. Irit was associate producer of Mahmoud al-Massad’s award winning feature-documentary Recycle and El Habre’s Gate #5. She is a curator, consultant and author of various articles on subjects related to cinema and the Middle East.