Habiba Djahnine

Documentary Film - 2019
Documentary Film - 2013
An Algerian director and producer of documentary films, curator of international film festivals, and writer. She is the founder and the director of the ‘Bejaia Doc’ workshops which specializes in documentary creation. She is the author of several short stories and humorous texts published in journals in France and in Algeria. In 2003, she published a poetry collection entitled ‘Outre-Mort’ (Beyond Death) with El Ghazali. As a director, she has Letter to my Sister (2006), Otherwise Citizens (2008), Return to the Mountains(2010) and Before Passing the Horizon Line (2011). In 2012, she was honored with a Prince Claus Award for her part in reviving Algerian cinema and for "creating sensitive, challenging and insightful documentaries on contemporary realities.”