Sultan Al-Bazei
Saudi Arabia

Research/Training/Regional Events - 2014
Executive director, communications manager and head of operation for the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and the Arts. He graduation from the King Saud University with a BA in journalism in 1979 and became editor in chief for Al-Riyad magazine. He worked in the Ministry of Higher Edcuation Saudi Cultural Attachee in France between 1985 -1988. He was Secretary of the Committee for International Cultural Relations. He was appointed editor in chief for “Al-Yowm” in Dammam where he served between 1993 – 1997 before returning to his public office at the Ministry of Higher Education and then at the leadersip of the national guard where he was responsible for the cultural activities in the National Ganadria Festival. He has served as a freelance consultant for the public investment agency and as media consultant for the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue as well as media consultant and spokesperson for the Higher Committee of Governor Elections. He was elected to head the Saudi Arabia Society for Culture and the Arts in 2012 where he is currently an active member in several of its professional and technical committees.