Driss Ksikes

Research on the Arts Program - 2019
Driss Ksikes is an award-winning Moroccan playwright, novelist, magazine editor, media and culture scholar. He has been called “one of the most innovative writers in Morocco today”, was named in 2012 “one of the six best African playwrights” by the National Studio Theatre in London and was nominated by SACD and Maison des Auteurs in 2017 for the prize of Best Francophone playwright. He is the Director of the Centre d’Etudes Sociales, Economiques et Managériales (Cesem-HEM) in Rabat, the editor in chief of the journal Economia, and the author of numerous plays and novels. His 2014 book, co-authored with political scientist Fatma Aït Mous, Le Métier d’Intellectuel: Dialogues avec Quinze Penseurs du Maroc (The Intellectual Profession: Interviews with 15 Moroccan Thinkers) won the 2015 Prix Grand Atlas, Morocco’s most prestigious book prize.