Maha Maamoun

Research on the Arts Program - 2019
Maha Maamoun is a Cairo-based Egyptian artist. Her work is generally interested in examining the form, function and currency of common cultural visual and literary images as an entry point to investigating the cultural fabric that we weave and are weaved into. She also works collaboratively on independent publishing and curatorial projects. She is a founding board member of the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) – an independent non-profit space for art and culture founded in Cairo in 2004. She is also co-founder and co-director of the independent publishing platform Kayfa ta - an independent publishing intitiative, bookseries and curatorial platform, that most recently curated How to reappear: Through the quivering leaves of independent publishing – an expansive show on independent publishing initiatives at the Beirut Art Center (BAC), Beirut.