Rana Issa

Creative and Critical Writings - 2019
Rana Issa: Rana Issa is Assistant Professor of Translation Studies at the American University of Beirut. She specializes in the literary histories of key texts of world and global literature. She has been engaged in research on modern texts such as the Arabic Bible translations, the early Arabic novel, modern lexicography, nineteenth century travelogues to bibleland and the work of translation. She teaches courses in translation, world literature, romanticism and the modern Arabic nahda. She is the co-founder of SPACE (Syria Peace Action Center) and is currently working on a book project about Bible translation in Arabic. Rana has published in the Journal of Semitic Studies, the Journal of Arabic Literature and others. She is the translation editor of Rusted Radishes and the organizer of the lecture series Tarjamat. She has translated theory and literature between Arabic, English and Norwegian. Rana took her PhD at the University of Oslo, and lives between Oslo and Beirut.