Fatma Kilani

Visual Arts - 2019
Fatma Kilani is a Marketing teacher and researcher at IHEC Carthage University. She is a collector and the founder of La Boîte in 2007, a non-profit contemporary art organization based in a business group located in La Charguia, an industrial district of Tunis (Tunisia). Through La Boîte, she aims to promote new artistic projects, supporting artists in each stage of their artistic process: research (residencies in Vienna + Tunis), production, presentation with solo shows organized in Tunis (in two venues: La Charguia and the Sainte-Monique Chapel/IHEC Carthage) as well as in other regions of Tunisia (Fine-Art school of Gabès). Through La Boîte, she is also committed to the promotion of contemporary art towards all audiences. La Boîte attempts through a research program to investigate the best way to increase their accessibility to art. Since 2018, La Boîte puts a focus on art video, through El Kazma, an art video exhibition organized in Gabès, in parallel with the Gabès Cinema Fen, a festival dedicated to Arab cinema.