Farida Benlyazid

Cinema - 2011
Cinema - 2007
A Moroccan film director, screenwriter, producer, theater director, documentary filmmaker and journalist. She is one of the first and few female directors from the Maghreb. Born in 1948,  she wrote the screenplays for the Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi feature films Badis (1988) and A la recherche du mari de ma femme (1993), which is still one of the commercially most successful Moroccan films. Starting from Une porte sur le ciel (1989), which tells the story of a female recapture of long lost traditions, to the colorful tale of Women's Wiles (1999), up to the dark film adaptation of Casablanca, Casablanca (2002) and the homage to a mythic city in Juanita de Tanger (2005), her films capture Morocco through the stories of its women.