Zeid Hamdan

Music - 2012
Lebanese musician and underground music producer. Born in 1976, Hamdan is the music producer behind some of the most successful bands on the Lebanese and regional alternative scene today. Notable amongst them are Soapkills (Arabic trip hop), The New Government (pop rock), Katibe5 (Arabic Hip hop), Shiftz (Arabic electro), Kanjha Kora(Guineean Pop), Kazamada (Arabic electro pop), Maryam Saleh (Arabic electro pop), and Zeid and the wings (New Arabic pop). He also scored the music of several movies; From Beirut with Love by Wael Nureddine (2008) Tangerine by Irene von Alberti (2009), Yanoosak by Elie Khalife (2009), Hadouta min Sag by Aida Kachef (2010), Che gue Vara died in Lebanon by Christina Foerch Saab(2011), Beirut Hotel by Danielle Arbid (2012), Rehleh by Meyar El Roumi (2012). In July 2012 he was distinguished by CNN as one of the 8 leading lights on the Lebanese Cultural scene.