Kirsten Johnson
United States

Arab Documentary Film Program - 2012
An award-winning New York-based documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. After completing her BA in Fine Arts and Literature, she worked for two years on local fiction and documentary film projects in West Africa. After graduating from the FEMIS cinematography department in 1994, her first film was Foreign Body (1996) and Innocent Until Proven Guilty (1999. Her film credits include Derrida (2002), Deadline (2004) which premiered at Sundance, and the short documentary Asylum which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2004.  Darfur Now (2006) and Pray The Devil Back to Hell (2008) which won the Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary are also part of her repertoire as a cinematographer, as well as  Laura Poitra’s  The Oath for which Johnson won an award from Sundance.