Nejib Belkadhi

Cinema - 2013
A Tunisian actor and director. He studied marketing and management at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales HEC in Carthage before starting a career in arts. He received his first acting role in Salma Baccar’s film Hbiba Msika (Dancer of the Flame) in 1995. In the same year he starred in Mohamed Kouka’s play Madrasat Nisaa.  Belkadhi started off his director's career in 1998 on the TV Network Canal+ Horizons, covering the Carthage Film Festival, before creating the network's most successful TV-Show Chams Alik whose concept revolutionized the Tunisian TV scene. In 2002, he founded Propaganda Productions with his friend Imed Marzouk. He directed his first short film, Pic, in 2005. VHS Kahloucha  (2006), his first feature documentary, screened to great acclaim at international film festivals including Cannes, Philadelphia, Sundance, and Dubai (2007). His latest feature fiction film, Bastardo, screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2013.