Chokri Al Mabkhout

Creative and Critical Writings - 2018
Chokri Al Mabkhout is a Tunisian academic, critic and novelist, born in Tunis in 1962. He is a Professor at Manouba University (Faculty of Literature, Arts and Humanities) since 1987. He earned his PhD in Arabic language and literature.
He was Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Arts and Humanities (2004-2011) before becoming president of Manouba University (2011-2017).
He is the director of the academic journal "The Annals of the Tunisian University" and the founder and director of the academic magazine "Academia". He is also the founder and director of the cultural magazine “Al Fikr Al Jadeed” (New Thought).
He has written several works of literary criticism, biographies and Arabic calligraphy. His book “Aesthetic of the familiar - the text and its readers in classical Arabic critics literature” (Beit el Hikma, Tunisia, 1993) was awarded the Ministry of Culture Prize in Tunisia.
His recent research focused on rhetoric and linguistic linguistics, with particular focus on the theory of linguistic practices about which he has published many books.
Al Mabkhout has greatly contributed to the educational system by publishing school programs and publications in high school and higher learning in Tunisia.
He was awarded the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation (honorary award), the prestigious "International Prize for Arab Fiction" (Booker) and the” King Faisal International Prize” for Arabic Language and Literature.