Farid Al-Zahi

Visual Arts - 2014
Academic researcher, art critic and translator. He has published in both Arabic and French on contemporary Arab art, the body, the image and the imagined in the Arab world. He has also translated many of the thinkers and writers of the French and the Maghreb. His books and translations have won numerous awards. He is the director of the periodical (Nadharat Muwariba) of the Studio Rabat publications and the artistic advisor to the Central Bank of Morocco. Currently, he works at the Institute for Scientific Research in Rabat. Among his most recent publications are "The Image and The Other,” published by Dar Al-Hiwar (Damascus; 2013), "Mohammed Al Qasimi: Art as a  Paramount Movement” (Rabat 2013), "Positions and Locations; Writings about Art (French), (Studio Rabat; 2012); "Jalluli Gharbaoui, the Pioneer of Artistic Modernity in Morocco,” (Rabat; 2012); “The Body of the Other” (French), (Studio Rabat, 2012) as well as ‘Ibraaz’ publications (Tunisia; 2012), "The Threshold and the Horizon; The Experience of Openness in Contemporary Arab Art,” (Sharjah, 2009).