Anas (Anders) Hastrup

Research/Training/Regional Events - 2014
Anders Hastrup, known among his Arab friends and colleauges as Anas, holds a master’s degree in Arabic and Middle East Studies and a PhD in anthropology both from the University of Copenhagen. He has had a long career in international humanitarian agencies, mostly in Sudan, where he has worked as field coordinator and refugee camp coordinator. In 2010 he became the director of the Danish Institute in Damascus, a position he held until 2012. He is a post.doc fellow at Roskilde University, where he works on the relation between revolution and art in Syria. He is the author of ”The War in Darfur: Reclaiming Sudanese History” (Routledge, London, 2013) and took the initiative to launch the book-project ”Safa’ Youm Jadiid: Aswaat Arabiyya Shaaba” (New Day Rising: Young Arab Voices), with Syrian author Khaled Khalifa, the first literary anthology from the Arab uprisings, published in both Danish and Arabic in 2012.