Najwa Kandakgi

Performing Arts - 2014
A Jordanian/Syrian actress, she earned a master's degree in theater from Moscow in 1994 and she is a member of the Jordanian Artists Association. She participated in the 2013 Carthage Festival with the play “Thakirat Assanadeek Al-Thalatha” (The Memory of the Three Containers)  Gandakji’s has impressive performance and a strong perspective on the issues of art, life and the humanities. Her distinct directorial experience in Russia included the play “Al-Sultan Al-Ha’ir” (The Perplexed Sultan) by Tawfiq al-Hakim for a full year at the Nizhny Novogrod Theater, and and she directed in Jordan a text by Faisal Al-Zubi entitled “Tarweed” (Taming). She was also the founder and supervisor of the drama curriculum in many schools and educational institutions of Jordan, and she lectured at the University of Jordan, Faculty of Performing Arts, the subjects of the theatre directing and acting. She has about a dozen plays for the stage, most notably “The Maids,” and “The Goat Island,” “Maria's Eyes,”  “Sinbad” and most recently “The Memory of the Three Containers,” by Sawsan Darwazah. Her most prominent cinematic works include the Syrian film “The Soil of Strangers” (1997) and the Jordanian film “Jameela” (2005). Her most prominent works for television include the series “The Al-Nawwar Secret” and “Fadwa Toukan” series.