Haytham Abdula Razzak

Performing Arts - 2014
Born in 1953 in Kirkuk, Iraq, he has a PhD from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Baghdad University and has been working in theatre since 1976, both as actor and director, primarily in Baghdad. He has also participated in many television series and feature films. He has participated at festivals in Tunisia, Cairo and Dubai and he was honored as Best Director and received three times the National Award. Abdulrazaq also appaered in several guest performances in France, Germany and the U.S. For over 25 years he has been working as a lecturer at the College of Fine Arts at Baghdad University and teaches the art of acting in particular. In 2003, he founded the independant theater group "Continuous Training Space Workshop Baghdad." While his work is charactarized by contemporary post-dramatic theater, he has staged plays from a wide variety of authors: Aristotle, Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, Heiner Müller and others. His aim is always to respond to the reality.