Kamilya Jubran

Music - 2014
She grew up in Al Rameh, a Palestinian village situated in the GalilĂ©e, and was raised by music-loving parents. She was initiated to classical Arabic music, particularly by her father Elias Jubran, a music teacher and instrument maker.  At the age of 18, she moved to Jerusalem where she studied at the Hebrew University and joined Sabreen, a musical group-based in East Jerusalem, for whom she was the lead vocalist as well as instrmentalists in Oud and Qanun for the next 20 years. With Sabreen from 1982 to 2002, she recorded four albums and toured in many local as well as international towns and cities, becoming the voice of the resistance. They founded a small association that organized cultural activities focusing on the importance of music and music education in Palestine. Since 2002, Kamilya lives in Europe, where she started her  first "solo" show "Mahattaat" and then "Wameed" in Bern- Switzerland on a year-long tour; joined by Werner Hasler, trumpet and electronic music player, and Sarah Murcia, a double base player from France, who became her research partners, alongside other artists and groups she has met.