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From the Filming of Layla Hoteit Salas' documentary "Crayons of Askalan"

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AFAC's Documentary Program


AFAC Novel Writing Program

The Arab Documentary Photography Program

AFAC's Documentary Program (ADP) is a funding program dedicated to creative documentary projects in the production and post-production stages, and addressing the social realities of the Arab world in creative and compelling ways.


Around 15 documentary projects will be supported each cycle with a maximum grant amount of $50,000 per film. In addition to financial support, professional support will be provided to the selected projects, namely the opportunity to benefit from workshops, advisory programs, and networking opportunities.


This program will support short, medium and feature-length documentary projects exploring the social realities in the Arab world. The filmmaker must be an Arab. A non-Arab producer can apply for a grant provided that the film director is Arab. It is preferred that film projects have producers attached to them. Each producer may apply with a maximum of two projects per cycle. Only projects in production and post-production are eligible for this fund and the project must have visual material (scene selection, extended edit or a rough cut).

How to submit?
• The call for proposals opens once per year, for three consecutive yearly cycles.

• Applications must be completed and submitted online through our website.
• Applications, treatments and scripts should be submitted in English, as some members of the selection committee and workshop advisors are non-Arabs. However, English is not a must for filmmakers to take part in the professional workshops.
• Only Arab filmmakers are eligible to the grant.
•  Applicants with an active AFAC grant in any category (e.g.: cinema, music, theater, visual arts…) cannot apply with a different project. To apply with the same project, the application and supporting material must fulfill this grant program’s guidelines for either production or post-production.
• Applications can only be processed if all requested materials are received by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.
• Grants are given to short (Up to 30 minutes) medium-length (30-60 minutes) and feature-length (60 minutes and above) documentary projects in production and post-production (up to 50,000 USD per project). The program does not accept projects in the development stage.
• In 2016, AFAC has two cinema programs that are open concurrently: the General Grant for cinema (open to all types of projects between May 1st and August 1st, 2016) and ADP (open between February 1st, 2016 and May 1st, 2016). Applicants can apply to one of the two programs only. Please read the guidelines for each program carefully and apply to the program that fits your project best.


Requested Supporting Material
The following supporting materials are mandatory in order to process your application.
•  Treatment and/or script of your project should be uploaded to the application form.
•  If this is not your first project, it is mandatory to submit links to your previous works.
•  If you are applying for a post-production fund, a rough cut (25 minutes and above for medium-length projects; 45 minutes and above for feature-length projects) is mandatory. You can send a trailer in addition to the rough cut.
• If you are applying for a production fund, you need to submit a selection of edited scenes. You can send a trailer in addition to the edited scenes.
• For visual material:
1-Supporting files/samples of previous work smaller than 10 MB should be uploaded directly to the application,
2- Supporting files/samples of previous work between 10 MB and 100MB can be included as links to files on sharing websites (such as Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube…) or sent by physical mail.
3- Supporting files/samples of previous work and/or rough cuts exceeding 100MB in size should only be sent by physical mail (5 copies) to AFAC’s Beirut office (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture Sursock Street, Charles Aoun Building, Saint Nicolas Stairs below É-Café, P.O.Box Beirut 13-5290, Beirut, Lebanon.), postmarked by the relevant deadline and marked with the project title and application number. AFAC does not return application materials. Samples should be mailed through a major courier; it is recommended that applicants submit tracking numbers in their applications. Incomplete applications or applications missing supporting documents will not be reviewed.
• All DVDs and other supporting materials sent to AFAC should be labeled with the project title and should reach our offices no later than May 1st, 2016
* Please note that AFAC will not return any material sent as supporting document.
• Applicants need to ensure that the links uploaded to the application are functional.


Forth Cicle timeline:
• February 1st, 2016: Launching of call for proposals
• May 1st, 2016: Submission deadline
• July 22nd, 2016: announcement of winners


Selection Process
The selection process will be done in 2 stages: a pre-selection committee (2 members from the AFAC team and 2 professional consultants) will review the applications to exclude any incomplete applications or applications that do not fit into the program’s framework nor satisfy the grant’s guidelines. The qualified projects are sent to a jury committee of 4 professionals (Arabs and international) who will review and evaluate the applications over a period of 6 weeks, after which they meet in the AFAC offices in Beirut to discuss the projects and select the winners.

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