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Mohanad Yaqubi

Gender Male
Profile type Individual
Country Palestine
Category AFAC Documentary Program, Arab Documentary Film Program, Cinema
Year 2017, 2013, 2011

On that Day
Category: Cinema
Year: 2017
Status: Open

The film follows the diaries of Wasif Jawhariyyeh, a Palestinian who lived in Jerusalem in the most turbulent period of its history, leaving impressive notes on the transition from Ottomans and British control over Jerusalem starting, from that day when General Allenby entered the city, and the effect of this moment on the political, social, architectural fabric of the city.

Off Frame - Feature Documentary
Category: AFAC Documentary Program
Year: 2013
Status: Closed

This is a story from Palestine, different than what we usually know… A Palestine that only exists in Cinema. Its heroes are filmmakers who believed they could change the world with a 16 mm camera and a number of reels… They draw an internationalist revolution, with a front that extends from Cuba to Japan. They bond with the student uprisings and are flung apart by the Middle East storms. They create an image of an ideal world with ideal concerns, printed and kept in scattered film canes around the world.

Off Frame - Feature Documentary
Category: Arab Documentary Film Program
Year: 2011
Status: Closed

Off Frame is a creative documentary focused on one of the main film groups of the Palestinian revolution, the Palestine Film Unit (PFU), which aimed to produce a new image of the Palestinian struggle. While the Lebanese civil war raged on, a group of filmmakers managed to smuggle 30,000 meters of negatives from Beirut to Rome in 1977. Off Frame follows this journey, each stopover offering an exploration through flashbacks of the practices of Palestinian revolutionary filmmakers and their relationships with the various underground networks creating militant cinema around the world.

Mohanad Yaqubi masterclass at Palestine Cuts
29 Apr, 2015

Retracing Palestinian Militant Cinema
07 Jan, 2015

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