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Hazem Alhamwi

Gender Male
Profile type Individual
Country Syria
Category Cinema, Crossroads
Year 2012, 2009

From My Syrian Room - Feature Documentary
Category: Crossroads
Year: 2012
Status: Open

The year 2011 witnessed the beginning of unprecedented social movement in Syria after 40 years of political stagnation. From the beginning, death was the risk at stake for venturing out to the streets and expressing one’s rage. In the early months of the uprisings, I was overtaken by a deep feeling of the certainty of death looming near me, around me. How can it not be when it was claiming lives in the streets next to mine? I decided to face this feeling with a kind of courage and optimism, by finding enjoyment in the things I do. Like someone wanting to leave traces of my life, I turned to the two things I enjoyed most : painting and photography. Painting gave me space and distance to be with myself and whatever thoughts and memories that may entail. My personal memories linked into the heavy collective memories of violence in the streets of my homeland. The world looks on as if this violence were something new and alien, but I have known it well… I have seen it in schools, in families, in neighborhood streets, since the day I was born. Today it is simply rising to the surface. This film shares narratives from Syria. Some are personal stories others are social commentaries, some arise from the present, others look at the past, all seek to explain the reasons for the outbreak of this revolution and how one’s soul can transform from seeking death to finding new desire for life.

The Childhood of a Place - Feature Documentary
Category: Cinema
Year: 2009
Status: Closed

The Childhood of a Place is a three-part poetic documentary about the city Al Salmiyah in Syria. The first part is about the town’s Sufi songs, the second about popular songs and the third about the nature and history of the place. The second documentary includes dialogues and discussions about the place; the third part is a portrait of the town, while its residents are merely ancillary elements.

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