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Al-Mahatta Gallery organizes “Back and Forth” workshop with AFAC’s support - 03 May, 2011 

On April 24, 2011, Al-Mahatta Gallery hosted the “Back and Forth” workshop exhibition, with AFAC's support. The workshop held by the gallery under the supervision of Belgian artist Emilio Lopez aimed to document, through visual arts, the difficulties Palestinians face... »

"Imams go to school" tours Arab film festivals - 20 Apr, 2011 

“Kaouther Ben Hania’s film is about the moment where Islam meets secularism and about the complex, but dynamic and vital relationships between the two sides,” Pierre Abi Saab wrote in Al Akhbar newspaper in a review of Ben Hania’s documentary... »

Laila Hoteit's Basita wins the Best Experimental Film award in Los Angeles - 14 Apr, 2011 

Basita, a short film by the Lebanese director Laila Hoteit, has won the Best Experimental Film award in The Women's Voices From the Muslim World short-film festival organized in Los Angeles between the 17th and the 19th of March 2011.


Hoteit,... »

"Living Skin" Wins Best First Film at the International Mediterranean Cinema Festival - 08 Apr, 2011 

Fawzi Saleh's full length documentary film "Living Skin" has won the Best First Film prize at the International Mediterranean Cinema Festival held in the Moroccan city of Tatwan. In "Living Skin," the Egyptian director, who was an AFAC Arab documentary... »

The Documentary Film Festival touring Iraq with AFAC's support - 06 Apr, 2011 

The Independent Film & Television College is launching its first Documentary Film Festival in Iraq with AFAC's support. The college, which was an AFAC cinema grantee in 2010, aims at supporting Iraqi filmmakers through its free-of-charge training center established in... »

The 10th Sharjah Biennial Commissions AFAC Grantee Rania Stephan's Film - 30 Mar, 2011 

Rania Stephan's 70 minutes documentary "The Three Disappearances of Souad Hosni" was chosen as one of the commissioned films at "Plot for a Biennial", the 10th Sharjah Biennial.


In this film, Stephan, a Lebanese director and AFAC Arab Documentary Film Program... »

House of Poetry launches first Arab African Poetry Festival with AFAC support - 24 Mar, 2011 

The House of Poetry in Morocco celebrated the cultural and artistic bonds between Arabs and Africans with its Arab African Poetry Festival, which was held from March 19 to 21 and hosted 14 poets from Africa and the Arab world.


The... »

The poignance of absence in AFAC grantee Saba Innab's "No-Sheep's Land" - 18 Mar, 2011 

"The stillness in the work of Jordanian artist Saba Innab is not neutral," writes Al Akhbar's Hazim Suleiman of 2009 AFAC Visual Arts grantee Saba Innab's recent opening at the Agial Gallery in Beirut. "The gray carries with it an... »

Grantee’s Film Wins a Prize at the Sawy Culturewheel Festival in Egypt - 27 Jan, 2011 

2008 AFAC grantee Ismail Elnazer won an award for the film “Hokm Qaraqush” or “The Rule of Qaraqush” at the Egyptian festival, the 3d Sakia...


Culturewheel for Animated Films. The film was the outcome of a workshop held under the supervision... »

Babylon Cult Art's "L’Eloge du Corps” at the Fes International Dance Festival  - 20 Jan, 2011 

Director of Fes International Dance Festival talks about "L’Eloge du Corps”


Towards the end of October 2010, the Moroccan city of Fes hosted the fourth edition of the International Dance Festival entitled "l’Eloge du Corps” or “In Praise of the Body”,... »

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