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Living Skin Wins in Luxor - 07 Mar, 2012 

After winning three awards, including the jury’s special ‘New Horizons’ prize at the 4th Abu Dhabi International Film Festival, AFAC ADFP 2009 grantee Fawzi Saleh’s documentary film "Living Skin" is receiving its fourth award at the first Luxor Film Festival... »

Medea in performance at Babel Theatre - 24 Feb, 2012 

The third performance of Medea at Babel Theatre, Beirut, directed by Carol Abboud with solo performance by actress Dana Mikhail will be staged today - an exploration of the timeless issues of resistance to injustice and tyranny as inspired from... »

BAC Hosts the Revolution - 23 Feb, 2012 

In the context of the political events the Arab world has been experiencing since 2010, Beirut Art Center is hosting a group exhibition entitled “Revolution Vs. Revolution” which brings together 14 artists from around the world. Suggesting that one revolution... »

Mendeel Um A7mad Exhibited - 15 Feb, 2012 

Between January 25th and February 9th, the Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) hosted a visual arts installation project by New-York based Kuwaiti artists and AFAC 2011 visual arts grantees Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid Al Gharaballi. Their multimedia installation called “Mendeel... »

“Time of the Shadow” at Rawabet Theater - 10 Feb, 2012 

As part of the Combo Mostakil Festival which took place at Rawabet Theater (Cairo, Egypt) between January 29 and February 8, AFAC’s 2010 performing arts grantee Adel Abdel Wahab has staged his new play “Time of the Shadow”.


The performance is... »

Basma al Sharif at Darat Al Funun - 31 Jan, 2012 

Darat Al Funun, Amman, is hosting a photo exhibition and video installation by 2010 AFAC visual arts grantee Basma al Sharif entitled “Farther Than the Eye Can See.”


The exhibition includes the AFAC-funded video work “Legend,” which is an artistic re-imagining... »

Draw Me the ‘Arab Spring’ - 27 Jan, 2012 

The Moroccan ‘Shoof’ (or Look) Association, in partnership with the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, invites Arab artists in the field of graphic novels and illustration to apply for an art residency program called “Draw Me the Arab... »

Zoubir wins the Best Work in Progress - 04 Jan, 2012 

Cine Fertil in Partnership with ArteEast launched the first international Arab film festival in Argentina under the title of “LatinArab Film Festival”.


The festival was co-sponsored by AFAC and has screened 20 fiction features, 6 fiction short films and 15 documentaries... »

MASS Alexandria Study Program  - 03 Jan, 2012 

The Egyptian art center and AFAC 2011 visual art grantee MASS Alexandria launched its first Independent Art Studio & Study Program call for applications.


The Program will run from 20 January to 31 July 2012, and will host 15 artists which... »

Lacoste: No Room For Palestinian Artist - 21 Dec, 2011 

After she has been shortlisted for the 2011 Lacoste Elysée Prize, the nomination of AFAC’s new cinema grantee Larissa Sansour was revoked by Lacoste “for being too pro-Palestinian.”


In an attempt to mask the reasons for her dismissal, Lacoste asked Sansour... »

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