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AFAC and the Dubai International Film Festival Announce a Partnership - 05 Nov, 2012 

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) announced a partnership for the festival’s upcoming ninth edition taking place December 9th - 16th, 2012. The partnership comes at the outcome of an extensive... »

AFAC launches a new call for Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Literature - 01 Nov, 2012 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) has issued a new open call for proposals in the categories of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Literature as part of its General Grant program.

... »

AFAC Crossroads’ Second Workshop - Cairo - 17 Oct, 2012 

Read AFAC’s report of Crossroad's second workshop which took place in Egypt, September 17th to 19th 2012 at Cematheque/Zero Production and brought together 11 grantees and 6 advisors for in depth analysis of film development.


Read the report here

MacDowell Residency Program - 01 Oct, 2012 

MacDowell offers a Residency Program and, with AFAC as outreach partner, opens its call for Arab practitioners in visual art, film, music composition, architecture, theater, literature and interdisciplinary practices such as performance. The next application deadline is September 15 for... »

AFAC 2012 2nd open call closed - 18 Sep, 2012 

AFAC’s General Grant’s second open call in 2012 closed on Saturday September 15th. AFAC has received a total of 329 applications for Cinema, Music and RTR (research, Training and Regional event) from 16 Arab countries and from Arabs abroad. This... »

AFAC hosts a brunch at the Toronto International Film Festival - 12 Sep, 2012 

As four of the seven Arab films premiering at TIFF this year are AFAC- supported projects, AFAC heads to Toronto to participate at the festival and host a brunch celebrating the growing field of independent Arab filmmaking.


Schedule of screening for... »

AFAC Express Report - 07 Sep, 2012 

This report provides a general overview of the programs objectives, activities and impact. In addition, it discusses the context in which the program was developed and implemented while shedding lights on the experience of some of its grantees and the... »

AFAC Express announces the last batch of grantees - 28 Aug, 2012 

AFAC Express brought its yearlong program to a close on August 12th and processed its final batch of grantees resulting with two new grant-recipients selected from applicants in June and two new from the final batch of applicants leading up... »

Six AFAC-Funded Films to be Screened in Venice and Toronto - 17 Aug, 2012 

Six Arab films supported by AFAC will have their first world premieres this fall at two of the most prestigious international film festivals in Venice and Toronto. Four are documentaries from AFAC’s Arab Documentary Film Program – ADFP -, a... »

AFAC Express Closed - 08 Aug, 2012 

The year-long special program AFAC Express closed on August 12th 2012. The program was initiated to provide timely financial support for artists and young institutions that are actively engaged within their communities and expanding their activities in response to the... »

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