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22 New Film Projects to Receive Grants from AFAC

06 Dec, 2016 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is pleased to announce the selection of 22 new film projects to receive $480,000 in total grants from its 2016 General Grants program for Cinema.


This year, AFAC received 300 applications in total, ranging from feature length fiction and documentary projects to shorts and experimental.


The 2016 Cinema jurors committee comprised experts and film professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities: filmmaker Scandar Copti (Palestine), writer and researcher Yassin Temlali (Algeria), and editor and co-founder of Djinn House Productions Michele Tyan (Lebanon).


After a series of comprehensive discussions in the AFAC offices in Beirut, the jury selected 22 projects (7 in Development, 9 in Production and 6 in Post-Production stages) to receive grants.


Commenting on the selection process and winning projects, the jury issued the following statement:

The number of applications amounted to 300 projects this year and came from different parts of the world. Proposals coming from the Maghreb were less than those coming from the Mashreq and we wish for this to change in the coming years. The jury spent over two months reviewing the film projects submitted to the fund under the three categories: development, production and post-production. The big number of proposals is telling of the growing creative energies in the Arab region and these were reflected in the approaches as well as in the different artistic genres (documentary, fiction, shorts, and experimental). We were glad to see some projects in the genres of fantasy, science-fiction and thrillers, all of which are new trends in Arab cinema. What is also noteworthy is the big number of emerging filmmakers who will be granted funding this year (16 out of 22 filmmakers) to realize their debut films. This is a truly hopeful development in the art of cinema in our region in recent years. Seven projects were granted in development, nine in production and six in post-production. The selection presented a great challenge for the jury as the majority of the proposed projects were of superior quality and tackled important and urgent humane and social issues. The jury opted for projects that presented a high-level of maturity on the level of content and structure, supported with quality and originality of the cinematic and visual language. It was equally inspiring and gratifying for us as a jury to oversee this wonderful selection of projects. As we announce the result of our work today, we wish for these talents, emerging and established, to continue in their creative and innovative endeavors.


The next Cinema call for submissions opens on May 1st, 2017


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