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AFAC Announces 27 New Music Grantees

29 Nov, 2016 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) selected 27 Music projects to receive grants from its 2016 Music General Grants program.


The 2016 Music juror committee brought together Egyptian singer and artist Maryam Saleh, Lebanese musician and composer Toufic Farroukh and Palestinian composer and researcher Issa Boulos.


After a series of comprehensive discussions in the AFAC offices in Beirut, the jury selected 27 projects (19 individuals and 8 institutions) to receive the Music grants. The winning projects were selected from a total of 113 applications submitted to the AFAC General Grant Music open call.


Commenting on the selection, the jury statement said: 
Our work as jury involved hours of preparation that encompassed listening, reading, watching and reviewing all intricate details of the proposed projects. The applications were not only indicative of the current state of the musical arts in the Arab region but also an expression of hope, dignity and resilience. Overall, the proposed projects offered a diverse array of ideas that fluctuated between cutting edge and experimental to the classics and multidisciplinary. Some were visionary and daring; some were immensely fresh, others were ahead of their time; some embraced excellence but some unfortunately didn't rise to the challenge and/or balanced all the necessary components of a successful project. Regardless of our personal opinions, we honored and embraced all ideas, approaches, genres, and perspectives, and treated all proposals with diligence and a strong sense of equality. It was yet upon us to make the difficult decisions and support some but not all.
All proposed projects, in some ways, spoke to the aspirations of artists and/or their strengths and the quality and seriousness of their work. Other proposals more intrinsically shed the light on the true need for exposure, enlightenment, art and music education. Although these conditions seem to be inherent and chronically problematic in the Arab region, we understand that it is not only the responsibility of artists at the frontiers to better the human condition and reflect on our collective or individualistic identities, but it rather goes hand in hand with our drive as communities and governments to progress and evolve. With the hope that all applicants/artists find their path to meaning, we truly believe it is still within their reach to aim high, train, improve and never stop learning.


The next Music call for submissions opens in June 1st, 2017.


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