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Seven writers participate in “AFAC Novel Writing Program” Workshop.

07 Nov, 2016 

In the framework of the third round of “AFAC Novel Writing Program”, The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) organized the second workshop of this round, by receiving seven writers from five Arab countries in Beirut from the 26th of October until the 1st of November. During that week, the writers discussed what they had achieved of their novels with the supervisor of this edition, the Lebanese novelist Jabbour Dweihi, after a first meeting and a first workshop were held in June of this year.


Seven young writers came to Beirut, carrying novels that have started taking shape, with realms that have been drawn in almost a conclusive way, and characters who narrate, in different styles, the ideas and dreams of their creators. The discussions varied between collective (writers and supervisor Dweihi), individual (each writer alone with supervisor) and among the writers themselves. The discussions included the style, the language and the evolution of the novel itself. The writers would end the discussion with several suggestions and comments that will help them develop and complete their novels.


On the sidelines of the workshop, the participants met with writer and former ambassador of Lebanon in Egypt Doctor Khaled Zyadeh, and discussed with him a variety of subjects like literature, language, history and politics. The workshop coincided with the signing of Jabbour Dweihi´s last novel “Printed in Beirut” at the American University of Beirut. The writers participated in the event that included readings from the novel by actors Randa Al-Asmar and Joseph Bou-Nassar, followed by a discussion with writer and publisher Rasha Al-Amir.


The writers will meet again in April 2017, after having finished by then the bulk of their novels. The participants of the last workshop are: Hoda Omran and Mahmoud Hosni from Egypt, Inas Abbasi and Nabil Kdeish from Tunisia, Nazih Bahrawi from Morocco, Asma Alatawna from Palestine and Rola Al-Hussein from Lebanon. Writer Jamal Jubran from Yemen was unable to attend due to the war and the security situation in Yemen.


In a related context, seven writers from the 2015 edition have completed their novels that will be launched during the 59th edition of The Beirut International Arab Book Fair (27 November – 10 December, 2017), during a celebration that will be held on the 4th of December at Biel, in partnership between AFAC and publisher DAR AL SAQI. The event will include staged readings from the novels, in addition to a book signing at the booth of Dar Al Saqi. The novels are: “The Dangerous Neighborhood” by Mohammad Benmiloud, “Ayyash” by Ahmad Majdi Hammam, “Rih Al Sharki” by Mohsen Al-Wakili, “Two tickets to Sepphoris” by Salim El-Beik, “Paradise of the bats” by Jago John Awang Tut, “A Family Walk” by Bassam Shamseddine and “Burns of the Snow” by Samir Youssef.



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