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Still from "Diaries Of A Flying Dog" by Bassem Fayad

AFAC Film Night Continues at Sursock Museum

08 Sep, 2016 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) and Sursock Museum are pleased to announce the second program of their year-long partnership to bring forward a monthly series of screenings showcasing the work of Arab filmmakers supported by AFAC over the past years.


“AFAC Film Night” kicked off in May 2016 with the aim of offering local audiences a film screening each month and a glimpse at independent filmmaking in the region which suffers from under-exposure and little accessibility due to the absence of any distribution structure for Arab films within the Arab region. Curated by AFAC and Sursock Museum, the screenings are divided into four programs, each with a title at which the films’ narratives converge: Displacement, Entrapment, Resilience, and Retrospection. Each of the four programs will comprise three feature-length films to be screened over 3 months. The first program entitled “Displacement” featured three films: Port of Memory by Kamal Aljafari, Roshmia by Salim Abou Jabal and Home Sweet Home by Nadine Naous.


The second program, “Entrapment”, begins in September 2016 with Birds of September (September 8th) by Sarah Francis, and will continue through October and November with Diaries of a Flying Dog (October 12th) by Bassem Fayad, and The Man Inside (November 9th) by Karim Goury.


Drawing on contemporary social preoccupations, the film selection encompasses a wide range of themes pertaining to the diverse regional contexts. By highlighting the regional diversity, the series wishes to provide audiences with a broader view of the socio-political context, provoke thoughts and discussions on pressing issues and major changes the region is undergoing.  


All screenings will take place at Sursock Museum Auditorium. The third program will be announced in November, 2016.


AFAC Film Night (September- November, 2016)


Birds of September (2013)

Dir. Sarah Francis (Lebanon)

Color, 99 minutes, Arabic with English subtitles

Thursday 8 September, 19:00

Auditorium, Level -2


A glassed van roams the streets of Beirut, home to a camera that explores the city behind the glass.

Along the way, several people are invited to share a personal moment in this moving confessional. Each one comes as a face, a body, a posture, a voice, an attitude, an emotion, a point of view, a memory.

Their confessions are true, blunt, and intimate. However, soon enough, the van empties again, and roams Beirut; restlessly looking for something, for someone.


Sarah Francis grew up and studied in Beirut. In 2005 her graduation short film, 'Interferences', won the students film competition at the European Film Festival.

In this very first project, the theme of Beirut city was already present. She participated in several international workshops.

Since 2006, she has been working as a freelance director for several production companies.


Diaries Of A Flying Dog (2014)

Dir. Bassem Fayad (Lebanon)

Color, 75 minutes, Arabic with English subtitles

Wednesday 12 October, 19:00

Auditorium, Level -2


A man and his tiny dog have something in common: obsessive compulsive anxiety disorder. Throughout their quest to heal, they dissect into pieces the surroundings - in its upbringing, fears and constant inner conflict. A memory is recalled; a memory filled with fear, violence, war, love and a past almost depicting itself again in the present and in the future. The setting is a family’s house. A father, a mother, sons, daughters and grandchildren living on a versant in Lebanon. The time is when beauty faded and ugliness and expiation prevailed. The man is the director, the dog is the mirror and the film is the instrument…


Bassem Fayad is a Lebanese director, cinematographer and photographer. He has worked with directors such as Mohammad Soueid, Ghassan Salhab and Akram Zaatari. From 2003 to 2005, Bassem directed and filmed BEIRUT-BAGHDAD (Special Mention at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier) and THE ROAD BEYOND SUNSET (Public Award at the Ayam Beirut al Cinemaiya Festival and Best Documentary at the Al Jazeera Film Festival). DIARIES OF A FLYING DOG is his third feature documentary.


The Man Inside (2012)

Dir. Karim Goury (Kuwait - France)

50 min, Stereo Color, French with English subtitles

Wednesday 9 November, 19:00

Auditorium, Level -2


My father died September 11, 1989. I Can’t remember where I was that day ...

22 years later, I'm in that hotel room in Kuwait City. From the balcony I observe the city. A building in front of my window. I listen to this American singing in the next room. I film the maid who remade the bed. This place of transit, this hotel far from home, where I locked myself, is the last place on earth where I know my father lived ...


Karim Goury was born in France in 1969 to a French mother and an Egyptian father.

He graduated from the National School of Arts in Cergy-Pontoise. He studied screenwriting at Fémis (Paris) and achievement in school Louis Lumière.

His first documentary "MADE IN EGYPT" (2006), deals with research of its Egyptian roots. The film received the Golden Muhr Award for best documentary at the 4th International Festival of Dubai in 2007. It was also selected for numerous international festivals (Paris, Beirut, San Francisco, Rotterdam, Rabat, ...) In 2007, Karim Goury made a short film titled "I COME BACK, I'LL SEARCH MY FATHER. "

Two years later, he directed a documentary for Arte, "FAR HORIZONS".


About Sursock Museum

The Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum is a modern and contemporary art museum in the center of Beirut first opened in 1961, with a mission to collect, preserve, and exhibit local and international art.

Through its collection, archives, exhibitions, and public programs, the museum aim to produce knowledge on art practices in the region and explore work that reflects on our contemporary moment. The goal is to support local art production, to provide a platform for encounter and experimentation with art and ideas, and to inform and challenge different audiences in new and unexpected ways.

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