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AFAC Announces 18 New Cinema Grantees

18 Nov, 2014 

Having concluded its final selection meetings with juror committees in RTR, Music & Cinema, AFAC is announcing the distribution of $1 Million dollars to a selection of new projects in the second half of its Annual General Grant for 2014. RTR winners were announced on Nov. 15th and Music winners were announced on Nov.16th.


The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) is pleased to announce the selection of 18 Cinema projects to receive $350,000 in total grants from its 2014 Cinema General Grants program.


The 2014 Cinema juror committee included experts from different backgrounds and nationalities: Film critic and historian Tahar Chikhawi (Tunisia), director and producer Ahmed El Maanouni (Morocco) and distributor and programmer Hania Mroue (Lebanon).


After a series of comprehensive discussions in the AFAC offices in Beirut, the jury selected 18 projects (6 in Development stage and 9 in Production and 3 in Post-Production stages) to receive the Cinema grants. The winning projects were selected from a total of 220 Cinema applications from 23 countries.


Commenting on the selection process and winning projects, the jury issued the following statement:


“The jury was privileged to have had that insight into the imaginations of Arab filmmakers. The varied worlds of cinema suggested by each and every director and created by each and every project proved at once refreshing and reassuring of the vibrancy of Arab filmmaking in the region. One cannot but anticipate with eagerness the outcome of this mosaic of personal, intimate, engaged and critical selection of film projects. Despite the hardships accompanying the evaluation of 64 film projects, mostly applying with full-length scripts, the overall process was more than enjoyable, fresh and eye-opening. The level of pre-selected projects was more than very good.


“The jury would like to point out three important aspects that had taken us by surprise in this commission and selection: The high ratio of female directors is something that, in our perspective, bears hope for the region; the individuality that is highly present in the projects is in fact a position that assumes responsibility and calls for action; the choices made by most filmmakers in this selection are unconventional , experimental, bold and risky and we were thrilled to have been able to acknowledge those choices.”


The next Cinema call for submissions opens in May 2015.


Cinema 2014 winning projects




Refugees - Documentary by Mohamed Louati from Tunisia
Miguel’s War - Documentary by Eliane Raheb from Lebanon
Dangerous Profiles - Documentary by Mark Louis from Egypt
Limbo - Documentary by Tamara Stepanyan from Lebanon
Becoming Omar Khairy - Documentary by Alyaa Musa from Sudan
Last Portrait - Fiction by Roy Samaha from Lebanon




Tramontane - Fiction by Vatche Boulghourjian from Lebanon
Faten's Honour - Docu-Fiction by Jocelyne Saab from Lebanon
To All Naked Men - Fiction by Bassam Chekhes from Syria
Nothing Doing in Baghdad - Fiction by Maysoon Pachachi from Iraq
God Protect My Daughter - Fiction by Leyla Bouzid (director) and Sandra da Fonseca (Producer) from Tunisia
Beirut Hold’em - Fiction by Michel Kammoun (Director) and Georges Schoucair (Producer) from Lebanon
The Colonel’s Stray Dogs - Documentary by Khalid Shamis from Libya
Hajwalah - Short Fiction by Rana Aljarbou from Saudi Arabia
Escape - Short Fiction by Hamid Saïdji and Jonathan Mason from Algeria




Madina - Fiction by Omar Sharqawi from Palestine
Jellyfish - Documentary by Khaled Abdulwahed (director) and Mira Kaf (producer) from Syria
The Sea Is Behind - Fiction by Hicham Lasri (director) and Lamia Chraibi (producer) from Morocco




Join us in Dubai, November 29nd & 30th, as we celebrate the conclusion of an exciting year in funding arts and culture across the Arab region with a two-day event, AFAC’s 2014 End of Year Event, لأفق أوسع  Make Art Possible.




November 29th
4:00PM: Unveiling “InVisible” public art commissions at Jalila Cultural Center & Al-Shindagha
6:00PM: Artist talks on “InVisible” at Jalila Cultural Center


November 30th
9:30 PM - Mashrou’ Leila in Concert at the Music Hall Dubai
Tickets on sale at platinumlist.com



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