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Thirteen New Documentary Projects to Receive AFAC Grants

04 Aug, 2017 

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) announced today the 13 documentary projects to receive the grants of AFAC Documentary Program (ADP) 2017. For its fifth cycle, ADP received 98 projects requesting support for production or post-production.


ADP’s 2017 jury committee comprised film professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities: filmmaker Tala Hadid, Head of Berlinale’s Forum section Christoph Terhechte, and filmmaker Raed Andoni.


After a series of comprehensive discussions in the AFAC offices in Beirut, the jury selected 13 projects to receive a total of $300,000 from ADP, 8 in production and 5 in post-production. The selected projects come from: Lebanon (3), Syria (3), Egypt (2), Algeria (1), Jordan (1), Palestine (1), Morocco (1) and Sudan (1).


Commenting on the selection, the jury issued the following statement:


The projects submitted to the 2017 AFAC Documentary Program jury opened a window onto a rich and varied cinematographic landscape, and allowed for an overview of the works, imagination and commitment of filmmakers from the region as they continue to address the struggles, dreams and realities of their peoples and nations.

After an intense and edifying selection process, the jury decided on 13 projects. Each one, so very different in style and approach, shared not only conceptual rigor and commitment to both form and content, but was also driven by a deep passion for its subject. A clear vision that, in different ways, is both political and emotional. A few of the projects narrowed their lenses onto the very intimate or the personal, portraits of individuals or families. And yet, because of the quality and intelligence of the work, the intimate never remains a closed circle, but instead opens up onto the universal, and comes to be both a mirror to a rich and diverse humanity and evidence of the creative resilience and production of an entire region.


It is worth mentioning that AFAC was among the very first institutions in the region to launch a support program for creative documentaries, enabling more than 100 documentary films to see the light over the past eight years.


The Winning Projects

5 Seasons of Revolution by Layla Abyad
Algeria is Still Far Away by Omar Haffaf
Becoming Omer Khairy by Alyaa Musa
Before the Storm by Nidal Hassan
Chaos by Sara Fattahi
Crossing the Seventh Gate by Ali Essafi
Green Banks by Jumana Manna
Lift Like a Girl by Mayye Zayed
Room for a Man by Anthony Chidiac
Seeing in Between: Samar Yazbek Interviewed by Rania Stephan
Siro by Dima El-Horr
The Fifth Resurrection of Farid by Khalid Youssef
To See Jenin by Serene Alahmad

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