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AFAC Express announces 4 new grantees

03 Apr, 2012 

After announcing the first batch of grantees in mid-January, AFAC Express is awarding 4 more new projects and continues to be open for receiving applications.


The winning projects are “Donkey's farm” by Mohamed Shafik, “Thawry Rhymes Tarab Breaks” by Ahmad El Khouja, “Much Music, Few Words” by Wael Al-Qaq and “432 Hours” by Mohamad Ragab.


Scroll down for more information about the winning projects.


Grantee: Mohamed Shafik (Egypt)

Project Title: Donkey's farm
Description: Set in Cairo, this experimental contemporary dance project brings together dancers, actors, musicians and cultural critics to explore themes of oppression and surrender, obedience and desire, using beasts of burden symbolically to portray the body movements of the subjugated and the exploited. Participating performers are invited to express body-movements arising from their personal experiences of oppression in any form - educational systems, social taboos, censorships, diplomatic propriety, etc. The contemporary dance arising from this experimental workshop is then slotted to become a fixed performance.


Grantee: Ahmad El Khouja (Lebanon)
Project Title: Thawry Rhymes Tarab Breaks
Description: A collaborative project that brings together the soulful and urgent expressions of Arabic Hip Hop artists from around the world, musically expressing their thoughts around the revolutionary changes that are sweeping the Arab region. Participating artists originate from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Iraq.


Grantee: Wael Al-Qaq (Syria)
Project Title: Much Music, Few Words
Description: An album recording that brings original songs from Egypt and Syria inspired by the popular movements taking place, this project highlights the strong connection between social expression and raw, popular music. With performances set to take place in public spaces in many Arab cities, the music will also be accompanied by an audio-visual exhibition in public and a short film documenting the project’s experiences and the deep relevance of popular musical expression in communicating social realities.


Grantee: Mohamad Ragab (Egypt)
Project Title: 432 Hours
Description: Putting to music the street chants and protest slogans from the early period of the Egyptian revolution - Jan 25 to Feb 11 - electronic instruments and oriental rhythms are used together in an innovative way to reflect the youthfulness, creativity and grass-roots popularity of the protests.

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