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Photo from the performance of "Yahya Ya'ich" play at Shams Theater Beirut.

AFAC Express announces the last batch of grantees

28 Aug, 2012 

AFAC Express brought its yearlong program to a close on August 12th and processed its final batch of grantees resulting with two new grant-recipients selected from applicants in June and two new from the final batch of applicants leading up to August. With four more grantees, the total of AFAC Express support recipients comes to 35.


For information on the latest, read their project descriptions below.


Grantee: Arete for Culture and Arts(Libya)

Project Title: Cultural Program 2012
Description: Arete’s program includes various artistic activities meant to invigorate the cultural scene in post-revolutionary Libya. For 2012, we are organizing film screenings and the launching of a cinema club, a music workshop, a video arts exhibition which will make a first-time appearance in Libya, a group exhibition of art installations, a workshop to improve the capacities of cultural practitioners in terms of professionalism in self-representation, and a series of “Arete” gatherings for discussions around arts and culture.


Grantee: Walid al Abed (Libya)
Project Title: The Wall
Description: This theatre project is 50-minute performance exploring the impact of imagery and visual communication. It is also about the changed lives of Libyans after the revolution. Using projections onto a blank wall, forms appear and disappear, some pictures are moving, some are still; yet everything is constantly changing. Three actors discuss the ramifications of change on Libyan society with a focus on the impact of visual media.


Grantee: Moez Mrabet (Tunisia)
Project Title: Tunisia’s Theatre Laboratory
Description: It has been a year and a half since bringing down Ben Ali’s dictatorial regime and Tunisia is in a political deadlock. Confusion and immaturity has marked the performance of our political parties and rulers. Dispersion and demise has been the fate of our opposition activists. The growing influence of the counter-revolution is increasing in the face of the intellectuals’ failure to enforce its views and to bridge the growing division between ideals and realities. The Tunisian Theatre Laboratory is a series of ‘itinerant workshops’ organized to take place in different parts of the country (north-west in Sijnan, center in Qafor, south east in Bani Khaddash) in order to facilitate interaction with the Tunisian people amidst their ‘typical’ environment and ordinary social milieus. Citizens will be invited to engage in performances and practical exercises in the manner of the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ school and techniques.


Grantee: ATAC - Association Tunisienne d’Action pour le Cinéma (Tunisia)
Project Title: Cinema on the Move
Description: Reviving the rural areas of Tunisia, especially those marginalized under the previous regime, is a must for contemporary cultural practitioners to spread their research. This project will establish cultural podiums and seeks to reconnect with citizens living outside the urban hubs by sharing with them a collection of cinema on the move. Avoiding any political content and highlighting instead the sense of curiosity, creativity and access to new worlds that cinema has to offer, a cinema caravan will be organized to tour and reach isolated areas of Tunisia, notably the countryside, as an opportunity for rural residents to witness the wonder of film screenings, sharing comic and acrobatic performances on film.

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