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From AFAC Visit to Libya - May 2012

AFAC Express announces 14 new grantees

22 May, 2012 

After announcing two batches of grantees in 2012, AFAC Express is awarding 14 more new projects and continues to be open for receiving applications. Scroll down for information about the winning projects.


Grantee: Ossama Helmy (Egypt)
Project Title:Tales of travel, revolution, and papers
Project Brief: A spoken performance that combines the art of paper-folding with that of story-telling and singing. Personal anecdotes of regional roaming between Tunisia, Egypt and Syria prior to and during the period of revolutions are shared with audiences, bringing them closer to their realities through the vivid testimony of the story-tellers. The project carries a sense of longing and even romanticism towards the intimacy and brotherhood that results from shared human struggle.


Grantee: Emad Mabrouk (Egypt)

Project Title: The other side
Project Brief: This short narrative film examines revolution from the perspective of ‘the other side,’ that of the counter-revolutionary sniper. Who is this character whose actions are knowingly and directly lethal? What does it mean when murderer and murdered were perhaps once neighbors or relatives or old family friends? The film seeks to shed light on this strange human capacity to uphold beliefs which can lead to committing the utmost crime against the closest of people.


Grantee: Houda Mhiri (Tunisia)

Project Title: Democracy
Project Brief: A visual memorial for the revolution in Tunisia, this visual arts project includes designing the word "d e m o c r a c y” in large “Kufic” script and three-dimensional form. Each letter will also feature a photograph of a Tunisian child’s face and eyes, still young, looking towards the future. The artist aims to have this project displayed in public spaces as a reminder to uphold democratic values in commemorating the revolution.


Grantee: Mariam Elias (Egypt)

Project Title: Imp net
Project Brief: This book is a humorous and devious collection of the most memorable images, blogs, Facebook groups, statuses and tweets taken off the internet. It seeks to capture this moment of activism and rebellion in contemporary Arab expression, particularly those who rise up against tyranny and reject the status quo.


Grantee: Wael Qadour (Jordan)

Project Title: too far
Project Brief: Based on the renowned theatrical productions of contemporary British playwright Carol Churchill, this performance is implemented by a group of young Arabs who work in the different fields of theatre production. The project represents Syrian, Palestinian and Jordanian participation in directing, dramaturgy and acting of Churchill’s plays in Arabized form within the context of current events.


Grantee: Khadija Salami (Yemen)

Project Title: a cry of the Roses
Project Brief: Yemen has experienced unprecedented and unexpected change that has transformed its society. Throughout the Revolution, women have suddenly become active; vocally and visibly they have taken to the streets to protest government tyranny and to demand democratic reform. This film explores the deep changes that have happened in Yemeni societies and families, while expressing a concern that the marginalization of women may persist.


Grantee: Wassim Ghozlani (Tunisia)

Project Title: under the fence
Project Brief: A platform and a resource for sharing reports about the latest works conducted by young contemporary Tunisian artists, "Under the Fence" is an appreciative “wink” for a pioneering generation of writers, intellectuals and cultural practitioners emerging from post-revolutionary Tunisia.


Grantee: “Shams” Theatre (Lebanon)

Project Title: presentations of two plays from Syria and Tunisia "keep your eyes on the camera" and "yehia lives"
Project Brief: Shams Theatre has always been bold and critical in its productions. Two upcoming performances, one from Syria and the other from Tunisia, echo the current transformations in the Arab world and give audiences in Lebanon the chance to experience new narratives. Both are courageous scripts that confront change head-on while also being self-critical and reflective.


Grantee: Ahmed Nazmi El-Assal (Egypt)

Project Brief: Album “military rule”
Project Brief: A collection of contemporary music composed in the current times to describe the challenging situation that the Arab region is going through. This project is collaborative, including musicians from different countries, with an emphasis on Egyptian sounds from the bass instrument and beat.


Grantee: Ahmed Saeed Asiri (Yemen)

Project Title: Recording the album "Man"
Project Brief: “Human” is the title of a new music album by the Yemeni band "At a Distance of 3 Meters." It consists of 7 songs that deal with political, intellectual and religious conflicts.


Grantee: The free Arab (Lebanon)

Project Title: The free Arab
Project Brief: An interactive documentary film project derived from the internet, cinema and television, the project will produce about 250 short documentary films from 7 Arab countries.


Grantee: Omar Al Jbaai (Syria)

Project Title: now / here
Project Brief: "Now / Here" is a theater production inspired by contemporary British playwright Edward Bond and his play "Bingo" .The work sheds light on the role of the intellectual and the poet in bourgeois society with a focus on current events in Syria.


Grantee: Mobadroon for culture and media consulting (Egypt)

Project Title: Theater of change
Project Brief: An experimental workshop for training non-actors in acting, this project is organized by the “Theater of the Oppressed” to take place in four Egyptian governorates. The different theatre productions to emerge from these groups will be directed to the theatre Forum while the governorate of Port Said has been selected to supervise and give central unity to this project.


Grantee:Mohamed Abdul-Karim (Egypt)

Project Title: external rotation
Project Brief: This short experimental film is derived from the legend of "The People of the Cave," known in the Biblical tradition as “The Seven Sleepers.” The symbolism of this archaic story is projected and integrated into the current events, particularly echoing the experience of the Arab youth and their sudden awakening.

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